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a little history

We are PC Development Ltd. and we formed in 2001 in Preston, Lancashire.

To help get that into perspective, here are a few noteworthy events in computing history that happened back in 2001:

  • The first Apple stores opened
  • Mac OSX "Cheetah" was released
  • Windows XP was released
  • iTunes was released
  • Microsoft launched into the gaming arena with the original Xbox
  • The first BitTorrent launched
As a company, we started small and served mainly a local customer base in and around Preston but quickly grew to a business that supplies customers large and small all over the UK.

proudly serving both large and small customers

Our company serves both the retail and corporate markets and our customers include:

  • BAE Systems
  • Express Newspapers
  • News UK
  • Broughton Printers
  • Tesco
  • E H Booths
  • Royal Preston Hospital
  • Cable and Wireless (Wirefast)
  • ..and many, many more!

We are approachable

Our sales team is extremely approachable and you can speak to them directly on the phone. That's right, you can actually speak to us!

We don't hide behind email addresses and we welcome contact in any form - we are more than happy to discuss your needs in order to supply you with exactly what you need.

We welcome a challenge

Looking for something specialised? No problem. We will do our best to source a specialist product where required. This is just one area of what we do that differentiates us from our competitors, having helped some of our biggest customers locate that difficult to find product in order to deliver a full solution to their exact needs.

transact with us simply in a way that suits you

We cater for all manner of shopping habits. If you prefer to simply shop securely online, we provide a secure online shop on this site to allow you to do that. You can purchase what you need online and with peace of mind.

We also welcome credit account applications from corporate customers. Contact us and we can set this up for you. Coupled with an online account linked to the website, your organisation can quickly and easily order with us.

up front stock levels

We are up front about the products we sell. If we are given information that an item is in stock by our suppliers, we make this clear along with the product information on our site. Equally, if an item is out of stock, we also make that clear to customers.